Sakura Filters Australia


Sakura Filters Australia warrants all Sakura products to be free of manufacturer’s defects in materials, workmanship or design. Sakura Filters meet the highest JIS/SAE International Technical standards. Sakura Filters should be installed to manufacturer’s specifications, used and changed in accordance with vehicle or equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

New vehicle /equipment warranties remain in effect when Sakura Filters are installed in accordance to the engine manufacturer’s advice. At Sakura Filters Australia’s manufacturing plant, all filters are manufactured to the highest Japanese JIS standards. At the same time our manufacturer has certification in the international quality assurance standard IATF 16949.

In the event of an engine or equipment failure directly caused by a defective Sakura product, Sakura Filters Australia will assist with the manufacturer to restore the engine or equipment to its condition before the incident. It is essential that the distributor of the product is notified immediately following a detected anomaly to obtain a claim form that should be completed and returned - with all information requested to be passed to Sakura Filters Australia for evaluation and start of the claim process. The filter, engine or equipment in question must be available for inspection for any repairs to be authorised.

Sakura Filters Australia is not liable for any other consequential losses or expenses incurred by such defect, or third party claim.

Sakura products must not be tampered with or tested without Sakura Filters Australia’s authorisation before an inspection is concluded to determine the cause of failure. If this was to occur, the warranty will be void. Sakura Products that have been incorrectly installed, tampered with, or used in a modified engine or equipment, as well as misuse, negligence, accident, improperly maintained, or used for racing purposes will not be covered under this warranty.